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Travelstick the world on a budget!

The travel information included on this website is based on our own long term budget traveling around the world as well as short low-budget holiday experiences. One of the best tips we can give you for low-budget traveling is to travel light. We use a tiny school backpack, max. 10 kg. This way we are able to move around more easily and never have the hassle of large heavy backpacks at airports, on public transport or in other busy locations. Another benefit is that local harassers think that you are already settled and move on to the next victim. One more tip we would like to give you is never be in a hurry when you travel low-budget, always go with the flow. If something isn't working out today it will do tomorrow. Don't be afraid to change plans spontaneously, you may end up in the most spectacular places. Always respect the local communities, they can give you tons of information about the region. Use your common sense when you decide to go on an "off the beaten track" adventure.

When choosing what information to include we try to avoid giving strong opinions. When it comes to accommodation and transport there are a number of travel guides which all provide more or less the same information: Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Footprint. We do provide information about accommodation, however this information is not intended to direct you to a specific place. Instead it merely indicates that there is an enormous choice of budget accommodation, usually all in one area and easy to find. As everyone has different preferences you will probably prefer to look around and choose one for yourself. The prices we give are meant to be a guideline, not a price written in stone. In smaller or more remote places where accommodation is scarce we will try to give a more detailed coverage of the options. When we leave the beaten track we do provide local transport information. However, be aware that local transport is sometimes unreliable and may change or even disappear overnight. The prices we give for transport are, again, only an indication of what you can expect. For the more popular routes you can use the various travel guides mentioned above.

Too many times have we seen people losing it over a few US$ cents. The art of bargaining is simpler than you think. Always keep a smile on your face and if the deal is bad keep smiling and just walk away. Keep in mind that bargaining is different from one country to the other and sometimes even from one region to another. You may encounter corruption with officials, for example at the borders. There is little use in starting to yell, a soft and friendly approach normally works the best. Remember the old Dutch saying: You catch more with honey than with vinegar.

If you find this site useful you can help us continue by writing in with updates, tips and other useful information. We are independent travelers, we just enjoy traveling like you. As you can see our website has advertisements. This is only to cover the costs of running the website. We also accept donations via PayPal. For more information see our About Us Page.