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The Republic of Cyprus has a long history of being conquered by various powerful rulers. Many ancient civilizations left their mark on the island. Evidence of human activity dates back as far as human records go. Stone age villages existed and hunter-gatherers once roamed the island. Egyptians, Romans, Byzantine and Crusaders, just to name a few, left their fingerprints all over the island in the form of buildings and artworks. Early Christian churches and the alleged burial site of the foster mother of the Prophet Mohamed make the island a melting pot of cultures.

North Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey. The international community considers it part of the Republic of Cyprus. The conflict started in 1974 when the Greeks attempted to annex the island, prompting the Turkish to invade Cyprus. In 1983 the North declared its independence, although this independence was, and is, not recognized by the international community. This is why Northern Cyprus is heavily dependent on Turkey for economic, political and military support. There are no direct international flights to Northern Cyprus, you will have to travel via Turkey. However, cheap flights to South Cyprus are a good option. You can then cross into North Cyprus overland by one of the many checkpoints. If you rent a car in south Cyprus ask your rental service if you are allowed to take your car into North Cyprus.

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One-off expenses

Flight: 25 Euro pp (one way London to Paphos)
Car Rent: 77 Euro pp (38 Euro pp)
Full Car Insurance: 66 Euro pp (33 Euro pp)
Petrol for car: 60 Euro (30 Euro pp)

Daily budget 25 Euro Per Person

Apartment self-catering: 20 Euro (10 Euro pp)
Breakfast: 2 Euro bakery pp
Lunch:  3 Euro pp
Dinner: 4 Euro pp
Cost : 6 Euro pp

Costs include things like entrance fees, with the exceptions of the one-off expenses mentioned above. These extra costs will not necessarily be the same every day but we have calculated them as a average over the 8 days that we travelled.

How to save money
Shop at supermarkets and cook your own meals. Book your flight 3 months ahead for good deals see Ryan Air, Easy Jet or any other price fighter.

We traveled Cyprus for 8 days and it worked out as 40 Euro per person per day including the daily budget plus all one-off expenses.

Prices in January 2020

 Car rental at airport: Hertz

At the time of writing (2019) there are five checkpoints where you can cross between North and South Cyprus. Be aware that most of the checkpoints have multiple names. This is because the names are derived from multiple languages including English, Greek and Turkish.


is located in Nicosia and it is considered to be the main crossing point. This means that this checkpoint is often very busy. Vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and goods can cross the border here.

Black Knight

also known as the Azios Nikolaos, Strovilia, or Akyar crossing, this is one of two checkpoints located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. At this crossing vehicles, pedestrians,  and goods are able to pass.


is the  second checkpoint located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. This checkpoint is also known as Beyarmudu. At this checkpoint vehicles, pedestrians, and goods can cross the border.

Ledra Palace

Located in Nicosia this border crossing is reserved for pedestrians only. However, diplomatic vehicles are occasionally allowed to use this checkpoint.


This crossing is also known as Astromeritis, Morpho, Morfu, Güzelyurt, Omorfo or Morfou. Vehicles, pedestrians and goods are permitted to cross the border here.