Travelstick Cyprus


One-off expenses

Flight: 25 Euro pp (one way London to Paphos)
Car Rent: 77 Euro pp (38 Euro pp)
Full Car Insurance: 66 Euro pp (33 Euro pp)
Petrol for car: 60 Euro (30 Euro pp)

Daily budget 25 Euro Per Person

Apartment self-catering: 20 Euro (10 Euro pp)
Breakfast: 2 Euro bakery pp
Lunch:  3 Euro pp
Dinner: 4 Euro pp
Cost : 6 Euro pp

Costs include things like entrance fees, with the exceptions of the one-off expenses mentioned above. These extra costs will not necessarily be the same every day but we have calculated them as a average over the 8 days that we travelled.

How to save money
Shop at supermarkets and cook your own meals. Book your flight 3 months ahead for good deals see Ryan Air, Easy Jet or any other price fighter.

We traveled Cyprus for 8 days and it worked out as 40 Euro per person per day including the daily budget plus all one-off expenses.

Prices in January 2020

 Car rental at airport: Hertz