Egypt the land of mysteries

Amazing Egypt

Egypt is an amazing country to travel with an almost overwhelming number of spectacular temples and monuments, including the last of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is also a fairly easy country to travel, at least along the beaten track. The only obstacle for the independent traveller is that many areas are restricted to tourists for security reasons and it can be difficult to visit these places without travelling with an organised tour. Some of these areas are possible to visit alone but require a police escort (for an example of this see "Dendera" on the Qena page).

By far the easiest way to travel through the Nile Valley is by train. 1st class seats are comfortable and reasonably priced (see specific page of destination for prices). For other destinations, such as Sinai and the Red Sea, there are a number of bus companies to choose from such as Blue Bus, Go Bus and the East Delta Bus Company.

The people of Egypt are amazingly friendly and helpful. Only in the most touristic areas will you find some persistent touts and overpricing. Elsewhere, the main thing you need to watch out for is being short-changed. This happens even at places like entrance ticket offices and metro stations, so count your change everywhere. However, in most areas you will just be given a fair price and when using local transport other passengers will often help you out and tell you the correct fare.

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