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Abu Simbel

The temple of Abu Simbel can be visited on a day tour from Aswan. The cheapest tour we could find was 32USD per person (2020). Tours leave at around 4am for the 3.5 hour drive, you then get 2 hours to visit the temple before driving back to Awan. There are a few hotels around Abu Simbel, the cheapest one we could find was 70USD a night (Feb. 2020). We have no photos of Abu Simbel as we didn't visit the site.

The twin temples of Abu Simbel were originally carved out of the mountainside as a lasting monument to a mighty ruler. In the mid 20th century the construction of the Aswan High Dam and the creation of Lake Nasser threatened to submerge Abu Simbel. Between 1963 and 1968 the entire complex was relocated 60m uphill from its original location and rebuilt on an atificial hill made from a domed structure.

Entrance 200LE (2019)

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