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Dahab is one of the cheapest places to stay in East Sinai, however it is also an easy place to blow your budget if you decide to take part in some of the numerous activities on offer here, the most popular being diving. The huge range of hotels, restaurants, dive centers and tour agencies are all clustered together along the main promenade around the bay, with the cheaper eating places located inland. Ticket agencies for all the main bus companies can be found along the main road inland from and parallel to the coast.

Dahab is a good stop-over place if you are heading to or from Jordan. Boats to Jordan leave from Nuweiba or Taba Harbour. A taxi to Taba harbour from Dahab will cost around 900LE (57USD in 2020). If you can find other travellers to share with this will reduce the cost. For boat prices see the Aqaba page in Jordan.

The most popular activities in Dahab are diving and snorkling, with a good selection of dive sites to choose from including the famous Blue Hole. There are numerous dive centers in Dahab, almost all located along the main promenade.

As well as diving there are plenty of other activities available including camel safaris, boat trips, quad biking and day trips to St Katherine's Monastery. These can all be booked through one of the many tour agencies in town.

If you not in the mood for being active then Dahab is also a geat place to relax and do not much.

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The Blue Hole is an underwater sinkhole over 100 m deep. About 55 m down is a 26 m long tunnel known as "the arch" connecting the Blue Hole to the sea. The spot was historically avoided by Bedouin tribes people who inhabited the area. There is a local legend that the Blue Hole is cursed by the ghost of a girl who drowned herself there to escape from an arranged marriage.

The Blue Hole itself is no more dangerous than any other Red Sea dive site and is one of the most popular spots for recreational divers. However there have been a number of accidents and fatalities over the years. Many of these are thought to have been divers attempting to swim through the arch with inadequate equipment, having underestimated the depth and the length of time of the journey.

The hole and the surrounding area have an abundance of coral and reef fish with the reef dropping off only a few meters from the shore making it easily accessible for swimming and snorkelling.

The Blue Hole is 8km north of Dahab, approximately a 2 hour walk along the coast road. It is located in a protected area with an entrance fee of 10USD (2020)

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