Travelstick Bali Indonesia


The bronze age rock carving photographs below are taken on the top of Chattonpark Hill (184 mtr), displaying several cup and rings of witch the biggest has seven rings, grooves conect the circles in a mysteries way. 

The small panel bronze age carving is just a few meters away from the large panel. A heavy eroded carving can been seen, simbolising two circels in the shape of a lollipop. 

The bronze age Ketley Crag rock shelter carving is a very impressive carving covered by an overhanging rock. An busy design of cups, rings and grooves covering the entire rock in a mystirios way. Well covered from erosion, by the overhanging rock, the carving is very clear.

The iron age settlement is visible from satellite images of google earth. On the ground the ditch is not as obvious and overgrown.