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Welcome To Jordan!

Jordan is an easy country to travel compared to other Arab countries. The people are naturally friendly, helpful and hospitable and many speak at least a few words of English. There is little hassle from touts and vendors and outside the main tourist areas (mainly Petra) you will be given a fair price with little bargaining neccessary. (Taxi drivers are another exception, used metered taxis whenever possible).

Foreign travel advice:
United Kingdom

Do you need a visa:
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Currency Jordanian Dinar:
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One-off expenses

Visa UK/EU: 40JD
Entrance to Petra: 55JD
Departure tax: 10JD
Boat to Taba Egypt: 50JD

Daily budget 20JD Per Person

Room double: 15JD (7.50JD pp)
Breakfast: 0.50JD bakery pp
Lunch:  1JD street food pp
Dinner: 3JD pp
Cost : 8JD pp

Costs include things like entrance fees and transport, with the exceptions of the one-off expenses mentioned above. These extra costs will not necessarily be the same every day but we have calculated them as a average over the 18 days that we travelled.

How to save money
Avoid taxis, walk anywhere within 5km, use the local transport, shop at local supermarkets and fruit shops.

We traveled Jordan for 18 days and it worked out as 30JD per person per day including the daily budget plus all one-off expenses.

Prices in January 2020 (low season)