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Most of the main attractions in Madaba are located close together in the town center along with a fairly large selection of hotels and restaurants. For cheaper eating options head back to the main road by the bus station.

Mount Nebo is one of Jordan's most important Christian Holy Sites. It is at this spot where Moses is believed to have first seen the Promised Land, the land that he would never enter. Moses died shortly afterwards and was buried close by, although the exact location of his grave is unknown. There are also legends that say that the Ark of the Covenant was hidden somewhere at the foot of the mountain.

In the 4th century, early Christians turned the old building on the highest part of the mountain into a church to mark the resting place of Moses. In the 6th century the church was expanded into a basilica. Excavations led by the Franciscans, who own the site nowadays, uncovered the remains of the church including its Byzantine mosaics. A simple modern church dedicated to Moses stands on the spot today with the ancient tiled floors of the basilica on display inside. From the lookout point beyond the church there is a panoramic view of the Promised Land, the same view that Moses would have seen.

Mount Nebo is located 9 km from Madaba. No public buses run there. Your options are private taxis or a long uphill walk (if you are lucky you may hitch a lift).

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