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Most of the main attractions in Madaba are located close together in the town center along with a fairly large selection of hotels and restaurants. For cheaper eating options head back to the main road by the bus station.

The Church of the Virgin was built in the 6th century and was discovered in 1887 under the floor of a Madaba house. The tiled floor features an intricate geometric design. Beside the church is the Hippolytus hall which was once a 6th century Byzantine villa. The mosaic floor depicts hunting and pastoral scenes with personifications of the four seasons in each corner. The central panels depicts the Greek tragedy of Phaedra and Hippolytus and in another panel Aphrodite sits on a throne next to Adonis. The Church of the Prophet Elias has some small but interesting mosaics. Also on the site are the remains of a Roman road.

Burnt Palace and Martyr's Church
This smaller site contains the remains of a mosaic which once depicted hunting scenes and animals. However most of the figures have been cut around and removed after a ban by Emperor Leo on the depiction of human and animal forms.

Church of the Apostles
This church contains a large and relatively intact mosaic with the central circle showing a depiction of a female personification of the sea.

Madaba Museum
This small museum contains several more examples of mosaic floors as well as a few other artifacts and a folklore section.

All of these sites are included in one ticket 3JD (2020)


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